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Preferred Prescribing list for South Staffordshire CCGs, including Burton Hospital NHS Foundation Trust and
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14/10/19: Update on current supply issue of all brands of adrenaline auto-injectors

Clinicians should note the latest stock availability update from DHSC concerning adrenaline auto-injectors (see table below). Due to the supply issues with some brands, it may be necessary to switch patients to an alternative brand that they are unfamiliar with. Clinicians should support switching and ensure patients know how to use the alternative product that is supplied. 

Adrenaline auto-injector brand
MA Holder
Stock Availability
EpiPen Junior
150 micrograms
Mylan UK
Available under prescription validation
300 micrograms
Mylan UK
Available under prescription validation
150 micrograms
300 micrograms
Available from w/c 14th October
150 micrograms
Bausch & Lomb
300 micrograms
Bausch & Lomb
Available from w/c 14th October
500 micrograms
Bausch & Lomb
Available from 18th October

Specific training and advice are required for each of the devices. Please follow the links to the relevant training videos below:




01/08/2019:  Emerade® adrenaline auto-injectors supply issues

There is a short-term supply issue affecting Emerade® 500 microgram and 300 microgram adrenaline auto-injectors (AAIs). Bausch & Lomb are the sole UK supplier of Emerade® devices in the UK. New supplies of Emerade® 500 microgram are expected by the end of August 2019. Limited stock of Emerade® 300 microgram is available. Currently, new supplies are expected by the end of September 2019.

Two alternative AAI devices are available in the UK- EpiPen® and Jext®. Both Jext® and EpiPen® AAIs are currently available, however, supplies of Jext® are unlikely to be sufficient to support a significant switch to this product and therefore where there is no patient / clinician preference, EpiPen® should be considered as the first line alternative. The devices differ slightly in the administration technique and specific training is required for each device.

16/07/19: Diamorphine 5mg injection supply issue

There is currently supply issues with Diamorphine 5mg injections. The national Medicines Shortage Response Group (MSRG) have recommended the following:

Primary care, private hospitals, hospices & substance misuse treatment centres:There is sufficient diamorphine 10mg injection to support the forecasted use of the diamorphine 5mg strength. Order stock from usual wholesalers.

Secondary care NHS Trusts: Hameln's morphine 10mg injection (p/free) is the first line alternative. Trusts should order in line with historical demand. Do not stockpile which may potentiate supply issues of this product.

31.05.2019: HRT Supply Issues

There are currently stock availability issues for a number of Hormonal Replacement Therapy preperations, please establish local availability prior to issuing prescriptions. For further information and guidance please contact the Medicines Optimisation Queries Team at


16/05/19: Epanutin 50mg Infatabs Supply Issue

Clinicians should read the attached information from the Department of Health and Social Care (DHSC) concerning global supply issues of Epanutin 50mg Infatabs until November 2019. Prescribers must exercise caution and increase patient monitoring if prescribing a product from a different manufacturer as this is a Category 1 antiepileptic drug.

11/03/2019 - Changes to the Amber drug classification on the South Staffordshire Joint Formulary as approved by Stafford & Surrounds Membership board and APG. These changes are effective from today 11th March 2019.

Amber- Drugs that should be initiated by a Specialist but are suitable for continuation in Primary Care. For some drugs there may be a Ricad in place to aid the transition to primary care. This replaces Amber 1 on the South Staffs Formulary.

Amb E- Drugs that should be initiated by a Specialist but are suitable for continuation in Primary Care but also require an ESCA (Shared Care Agreement). This replaces Amber 2 on the South Staffs Formulary.

For further queries and support, please contact your Practice support pharmacist or email: . Thank you.

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  1. The Preferred Prescribing List for the various therapeutic sections of  the British National Formulary (BNF) can be accessed via the links

   2.     PDF How to use guide

   3.   Drugs are colour coded according to the following criteria:


Status Description
Red Drugs which require special consideration. These are drugs for Consultant Prescribing ONLY. They should not be prescribed in Primary Care.  
Amber Drugs that should be initiated by a Specialist but are suitable for continuation in Primary Care. For some drugs there may be a Ricad in place to aid the transition to primary care.  
Amber E Drugs that should be initiated by a Specialist but are suitable for continuation in Primary Care but also require and ESCA (Shared Care Agreement)
Green Suitable first-line drugs for implementation in Primary Care  
Green Formulary South Staffs Formulary Choice


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